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Calibration & Fueling

What is Calibration?

Our calibrating services consists of utilizing a state-of-the-art prover to determine if a fuel meter is correctly measured. When a fuel meter is not calibrated regularly, the fuel flow will be incorrect. Meaning potential revenue loss for incorrectly calculated fueling services. As the cost of gasoline continues to rise, it is imperative to make sure your fuel meters are functioning as needed. We have the capabilities to calibrate fuel meters for refueling equipment, fuel trucks and more! Please contact us for more information about this service.

We provide fuel calibration services in all of Dade GSE's 14+ locations. For any inquiries for locations out of scope, call us today!

Dade GSE Fueling

Exclusively at Miami International Airport (MIA), Dade GSE provides  24/7 fueling services. Located directly on MIA property, our fuel trucks can leave at moment's notice for any fuel/diesel emergency. We are currently in the process of expanding our fuel truck fleet. Contact us today for your fueling needs!

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