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What is GSE?

Modern-day traveling is a streamlined process thanks to all the behind-the-scenes people at play. One essential part of aviation is ground handlers that maintain efficient underwing support. This includes plane startup, A/C, bag loading, fueling, and so much more. The type of equipment used to assist ground handlers is known as Ground Support Equipment (GSE). We, at Dade GSE, are in charge of the maintenance and general upkeep of those types of equipment for various airlines to prevent delayed flights and keep passengers happy. 



Dade GSE, Inc. is a Ground Support Equipment (GSE) maintenance company that provides service, rentals, and sales of most types of GSE. Dade GSE was founded in 2003 exclusively at Miami International Airport (MIA). Since then, our small family company has steadily grown over the years to 14 locations in total. Dade GSE currently has Local Developing Business (LBD) & Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) certifications. Please click below to learn more. 

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Want To Join Our Team?

We are always looking to add to our growing company. If you are interested in being a member of Dade GSE please contact us below!


4331 NW 22nd St Building 3040, Miami, FL 33122, USA

Office Lines

(305) 871-5655 & (305) 871-5656


(305) 871-5657

Emergency Line

(786) 412-3848

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Our Valued Customers

With over 20+ clients, Dade Gse strives to maintain our relationships to the utmost satisfaction. From large airlines to small service companies, we strive to keep all our clients happy-and without delays.

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